How NOT to use my column….

by Rod Smith

Each of the following is in response to a MIS-use of my column…..

I get letters about this all the time.....

Don’t ram my column into the face of your partner (mother, father, in-laws, boss, lover) to “prove” yourself “right” about any issue. My writing is not the final word on any matter. I’m expressing my opinion over relational matters, over which readers have often provided me with very limited information. Be assured, I have often found myself to be thoroughly misguided.

Don’t look for others and for what you perceive they are doing “wrong” in my column. If you have read my work for any time at all you will know I am going to encourage you to focus on your thinking and your behavior as keys to alleviating the discord in your life. Allow my column to be one of many sources to challenge how you operate in your life.

Don’t confuse this daily newspaper column with therapy. It is not. While it might be a therapeutic exercise, reading it will not replace the need for a real, live, face-to-face encounters with a mental health professional if you need one. The complexities of human relationships cannot be captured in fewer than 210 words a day. Reading my column will not enduringly assist you if what you really need is face-to-face professional help.

One Comment to “How NOT to use my column….”

  1. very well said

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