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August 26, 2010

Getting ready to request forgiveness after you have failed or hurt someone you love…

by Rod Smith

Being alone is essential

See your dislikes as a challenge

Take time alone (yes, no phone, no computer, no other friends or distractions) so you may come to terms with your part of the failure. You will know you are beginning to be ready for restoration of the relationship when you have moved beyond blaming others and are no longer looking to excuse your behavior. You take full responsibility for your behavior.

While alone, your focus at all times will not be on what someone has done to you but on what you have done to others. You might write a journal, pray, read, and meditate – with each of these activities contributing to helping you find a healthy perspective on what you have done to damage trust in the relationship.

Preparing yourself for restoration, requesting forgiveness, owning up to your part in what failures have occurred, does not mean the person whom you hurt will be ready for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Relinquishing control of where he or she is in his or her journey is an essential part of your journey.