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February 17, 2013

Dangerous relationships…..

by Rod Smith

Dangerous relationships….

  1. He tells you how to dress and gets all moody if you don’t obey.
  2. He stares you down and calls you stupid.
  3. He tells you when you are hungry and what you should eat.
  4. Small differences become huge conflicts and escalate in a flash.
  5. He is different in public – most people would never guess he has a violent side.
  6. He quotes the Bible but only a verse that “demands” your obedience.
  7. He tells you he knows you better than you know yourself.
  8. He lies and expects you to lie for him.
  9. He has moments of white hot anger, even if the dog won’t obey.

10. He keeps you away from your extended family.

11. He takes your keys or purse and he’s been physically threatening.

12. He accuses you of unfaithfulness.

13. He checks up on you and tells you jealousy and love go together.

14. He hates or rejects a lot of people and thinks most people are idiots.

15. In the rare event you drive him, you’d think he was behind the wheel.


Before I am blasted with Emails telling me women can also be dangerous, the overwhelming reality is that it is usually men who are.