“Rod Smith is one of the most gifted communicators I have ever seen.” Dan Barden, Author

“Audiences of ten people to 5000 – Rod Smith can handle it. Few people can read and hold an audience like Rod Smith.” Comment after a public seminar.

Embracing Change – assisting businesses, churches, families, or not-for-profits to thrive while undergoing change and transformation (10 face-to-face hours preferred).

Understanding Family Systems Theory – an illuminating workshop to help members of any organization understand the systemic principles governing all living systems (10 hours preferred). Genogram teaching and application included.

Jesus was a Systems Thinker – a walk through Gospel readings looking at the manner in which Jesus understood (seems silly to write this!) and employed the Murray Bowen concept of Self Differentiation (Tailored to any time available – deliverable in 25 minute sermons). It’s a week worth in any YWAM school – counseling schools and DTS.

Leadership can be Learnedfrom Little League to The White House. “The Five Pillars of Leadership” remain constant. I have conducted this training for a handful of middle school students to a roomful of business executives. (8 hours preferred)

Finding Your Voice When Others Would Prefer You To Be Quiet – a workshop geared to men and women who are survivors of “problematic” relationships (5 – 8 hours preferred). A look at matters of dependence, over- and under-functioning, regaining and maintaining personal power. Maybe it’s time for you to become “Healthily Intolerable” – think about it!

Open Hand Living – a relationship seminar for people who want to take all their relationships to the (I regret the cliche) “next level” of development (5 – 8 hours preferred and a perfect seminar for a weekend retreat). Includes an in-depth look at Differentiation of Self and Genograms.

Trauma and other Community Disruptions – dealing with the unexpected, the disruptive, and intrusive elements that enter most organizations at some time or another. (Time dependent on the nature of the issues faced by the community). This is usually “issue specific” but equips people to cope when the unexpected comes to a community.

Creative Conflict Seminar – Helping people, families, churches, businesses, and other living organizations get the most out of inevitable conflict. (5 – 8 hours preferred). Includes helping participants move from Peacemaking to Peacekeeping.

Understanding and Embracing Your Formidable Triangle – Living well without fear of others. I love teaching this especially to girls and young women although boys and young men can benefit as well. This includes Understanding Your Brain and getting it to work for you in wild and wonderful ways.

Understanding and harnessing your personal history so it doesn’t have the power to blow up your future.

TIME: “Preferred” time simply suggests a preference. I can do all of the above in any measure of time desired by the organizers.

GROUP SIZES: I have addressed audiences and held workshops with as few as 5 participants and as many as 5000 participants.

MAKING CONTACT: Email me at in the event you’d like to start talking about scheduling an event.

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