img_2083Newspapers wishing to run may contact me directly.

It’s short, always fewer than 210 words. It takes about 50 seconds to read and offers sound, to-the-point advice. The column is focused on strength, often funny, enduringly believes in the resilience of people, and covers a very wide spectrum of issues. “It is refreshingly unpredictable,” said one editor. Writer is a family therapist who teaches family therapy in several countries each year. Style allows for brevity, anonymity, and cutting to the chase.

2 Comments to “Papers”

  1. Rod
    My wife tends to spend a lot of time at home, because of family commitments, and I understand that she needs to circulate and mingle with other people. When she does go and mingle with other people this she seems to go over the top, she will stay out late, spends a lot of time with other people. Now, she tends not to want to talk to me that much, stating that she knows everything about me, and requires new subjects of conversation. When she spends a lot of time with other men, I tend to get jealous, I have been previously married, and am scared that my wife will leave me for another man, as what happened in my previous marriage. She says she loves me but I don’t know whether of not to beleive her. I am really fighting with my self internally, as to give her the space shes requires or stifle her.

    I would appreciate it if there were some things I might read, or things I should do to try and releive my fear, or try and get to teh bottom of how she feels.

  2. Please can you help me find an article in the Mercury this month – i think the heading was related to WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO LEAVE A RELATIONSHIP. i have searched for it on-line and not been able to find it. i would like to forward to a friend of my daughters who could really benefit from reading your sage words. i have been reading your column for over 20 years and often benefited from your incredible advice from raising children to dealing with difficult relationships – and have finally subscribed! Thank you!

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