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August 30, 2010

How you live matters….

by Rod Smith

Bravely, live your talents

Bravely begin claiming back your life

There’s a wonderful day ahead for those who choose to enjoy it, to learn from it, to give the best shot at everything.

I’m going to.

I am going to because the alternative is vastly unattractive.

I’m going to put my talents to work, talent that God has placed within me (I believe we each have 7) as an expression of my gratitude.

Join me. Please. Begin by exercising grace (the desire I believe we all have to be an agents of goodwill) to all whom you encounter.

And as we do so may the writers write, the dancers dance, the artist paint and create, and the musicians sing and play at full volume until the world is gleaming with added beauty, joy, and goodness until the music can be widely heard.

Treat your friends and enemies with generosity and humor. Thank those who despise you for their power to transform you into something more beautiful than you already are, and lift your heart to neighbors and friends to express the joy and the thrill of what it means to be fully alive.

Please drop me a note about an act of LEADERSHIP you have witnessed that has demonstrated a leader’s knowledge of this fine art.