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August 25, 2010

No one in the family likes the man she’s seeing….

by Rod Smith

“My daughter (24) has started seeing a man no one in the family likes. Surely she should see this as a ‘red flag’? Do you think we should have a big meeting and all tell her what we see and then let her take it from there?”

Call me....

See your dislikes as a challenge

I feel the urge to announce that you (the members of your family) are all separate people. Each of you is probably perfectly capable of loving and embracing persons who are very different from the persons others of the family may choose. You can do this all without falling apart as a family.

Letting your daughter know what you see, think, and feel individually might prove helpful to those who feel the need to deliver this message, but I think I’d avoid the big meeting at this time.

I’d suggest you challenge yourselves to love whomever your daughter loves and use your differences as a source of growth.