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August 31, 2010

My boss is interested in me……

by Rod Smith

“My boss is a married with grown-up children. He told me he is very bored with his marriage. He is interested in me. He told me he needs my help on a business trip next month. What do I tell my husband? I am nervous. I know he has had flings before with women in the office. One older woman told me how he operates. If I don’t cooperate I could lose my job. I’m new and I need the work. He’s the owner of the business.”

Being alone is essential

Define yourself early

Your husband’s support is pivotal as you work at keeping your integrity, marriage, and job (in that order).

Tell your husband about every off-limit employer-employee interaction.

Keep good notes and track, with date, time, and details, every interaction where the conversation goes beyond the realm of work. Such a log will be helpful to show patterns of interactions and assist you to remain objective about what is going on.

When your boss tells you about his marriage counter with, “I don’t know how you will manage your boring marriage but that is really none of my business. I’d like to keep it that way.”

Abusive men usually retreat from strong women, especially if they stand up to them at the first smell of a rat.