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August 29, 2010

Symptoms of humility

by Rod Smith

(I’ve used “he” simply for easier reading)

1. He has finely developed self-knowledge – he knows his talents and uses them well.
2. He has a high degree of self-awareness – he knows the power he has to impact the lives of others and governs that power with deep respect.
3. He can listen to others without needing to interject his insight, interrupt with his own stories, or follow up with something bigger, better, faster, or more dramatic.
4. He openly admits that he avoids getting involved in areas where he is unskilled and lacking in talent.
5. He makes way for others to get ahead in their careers and for others to be acknowledged.
6. He doesn’t use his insights as a weapon or as a means of manipulation, domination, or intimidation.
7. He is quick to forgive and often does so without needing to be asked.
8. He engages in radical hospitality and commits act of extreme generosity.
9. He focuses on his strengths and fully accepts his weaknesses.