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August 20, 2010

He never says “I love you” but he shows it….

by Rod Smith

“In twenty years my husband has never told me he loves me. I know he does but he just can’t say the words. He makes up for this in so many ways but it would be nice to hear. Please help.”

Call me....

Let him off the hook

For some people the words “I love you” get trapped where head, heart, and history intersect and the love can find no escape but through loving acts.

Enjoy his love, even if the words “I love you” are never said. Let him off the hook. Love him by relieving him of this expectation.

If your husband were the person writing to me I’d challenge him to learn to love you with both actions and words. I’d suggest he at least take a look at when and how these words lost their legs inside him.

Since you wrote I will suggest you use this circumstance to advance your own growth by resisting the understandable urge to meddle with his head and heart.