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August 22, 2010

My affair gave me courage to leave an abusive marriage…..

by Rod Smith

No room to move....

“I left a bad marriage for someone who cares about me. Although I wish the circumstances on how I left my husband were different, I have learned from my mistakes. My marriage was abusive, difficult, yet the decision to leave was a difficult. When my husband found out about my affair he still wanted to stay married but our relationship had become so torturous that I didn’t want to work things out. He still blames the affair for the divorce. My husband never believed there was anything wrong with our relationship. He needed to realize that marriage takes mutual commitment and respect. No one person is responsible for the marriage ending even if someone cheats. If the marriage were strong, no one would have cheated. I don’t think cheating is right. I never ever thought I was capable of cheating. I can’t change the past I wish I never cheated, but I don’t regret leaving my husband. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have had the courage to leave if it wasn’t for the affair in the first place.” (Minimal edits)

While it takes two to tangle (not tango!) it only takes one of the partners to cheat. I trust you will experience greater love than you’ve ever known.