To the “casual” drinker…..

by Rod Smith

Alcohol in mom and dad hits children hard.....!

Your “casual” or “I can take it or leave it” relationship with alcohol might be more than casual if:

(a) It has caused stress in your relationships
(b) It has resulted in public embarrassment
(c) You crave a quick fix of beer or alcohol (and sometimes get it in secret)
(d) It has caused you to miss or be late for work
(e) You believe it’s the only way you can relax.

If any one of the five points hits home for you, your casual relationship with alcohol might have more power over you than you care to admit. But I am not going to try and talk you into seeing the truth behind your “casual” habit – and such convincing usually falls on deaf ears.

Nonetheless, if your “casual” drinking has caused you relational, social, psychological, physical, or professional discomfort, you can be sure it also causes your children pain. It probably puts them on guard and elevates their stress levels. Your drinking changes their world.

There’s a poignant moment in the movie “The Prince of Tides” when a character remarks something like, “Our parents drink and we get the hangover.”

One Comment to “To the “casual” drinker…..”

  1. my partner drinks to excess. he turns into a nasty man and blames me (I like the dog better than him; he gets “bad vibes” from me (I was sleeping), he’s depressed about …???.. it is always an excuse.

    I went with him to see his therapist last week and it seemed to turn into a “how to we get kartesa to convert to Judaism session. I’m really trying to figure out why I am here and if I should stay here or return to living alone in Phllly. My house is rented until August but the problem is I have a high paying job here and am able to save quite a bit of money with my current set up.

    I love my partner/friend and his children (he is widowed) but every week I go through the dredge of his “had too much to drink” behavior. I also like to have wine but am able to stop. I love to hike, be outdoors and be active but this relationship is becoming too much work at this point. help.

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