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January 25, 2010

Adult son writes to his mother….

by Rod Smith

Dear Mother:

I am 40 and I really am no longer “your baby.” Please try not to refer to me in this manner. It sounds completely ridiculous even though I know what you mean. I am a married man and the father of two children.

While I am at it, let me remind you that I adore my wife and would really appreciate it if you worked harder at not treating her as if she were some kind of outsider, intruder, servant, or secretary. Remember? You were at our wedding. She’s very much part of our family – and I am part of hers.

By the way, her parents are not “those people” but a man and woman whom I love and who have embraced me far more successfully than I think you have embraced their daughter.

I know you are going to resent hearing this but I have to say it: I cannot drop everything and run to your assistance every time you phone. Mother, there are plumbers, electricians, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and an endless list of places for you to get your car repaired – and really, there’s very little you cannot afford.

With love (yes, love),
Your son