Money and my son….

by Rod Smith

My wife and my ex-wife have been at each other’s throats for years over my adult son (25) who expects a lot from me. My ex-wife wants him to get all he can from me. This has become much worse over the past few months as things have been tighter financially and what I give to my son takes from what my wife can enjoy. My wife says he should be out earning a living while my ex-wife wants him to concentrate on his studies. He doesn’t have a job at the moment while he is in university. Please help.

What do you want?

What your wife and ex-wife want is somewhat clear to me while what you want remains unsaid. What do you want? You are the one writing the cheques. It immediately jars that a 25-year-old man is not working. I know he is studying, but if your son were to get a job and go to university, he will not be the first to do so. Support him financially until his studies are complete – but I’d suggest you substantially reduce his support so he has to seek part time employment. Tell him what you are planning before you put any plan into action.

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