Is it love?

by Rod Smith

He loves me, he loves me not!

Love is not possessive. It does not try to cut you off from others. A person who restricts your freedom does not love you despite what he or she says. Sometimes a possessive person will say, “I am just this way because you are not committed,” or “it’s because you are so beautiful.” Actually, possessive people seldom become less so. Their hold on you will only intensify if you permit it.

Love is not jealous. A person who loves you will celebrate your successes and applaud the loudest. He or she will encourage your popularity with others. Sometimes a jealous person will say, “I am jealous because I love you,” or “jealousy shows I care.”


People are jealous for many reasons but it is never a sign of love.

Love is not only a feeling. It is measured in financial, spiritual, emotional, and sexual fidelity. It listens. (“Emotional” added by Clif Heeney)

The loving person does not play games with your feelings, spend your resources, or keep secret from you, matters that impact your relationship.

Love desires the highest good of all the people in your family. It has no desire to exclude or separate you from others whom you love.

One Comment to “Is it love?”

  1. GREAT post, Rod!

    Might I add that it is also measured with emotional fidelity?

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