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February 3, 2011

After 21-years I found out my wife cheated on me

by Rod Smith

“After 21-years I found out my wife cheated on me with a single man I thought was my friend. She also got pregnant and had his child. When the child was small everyone said he looked like me. Her lover was the same nationality as myself so that was not hard to misjudge. As the child got into his teens he resembled her lover. The child is 23 now. One day I asked my wife if ‘my friend’ had ever made a pass at her and she ignored me. About a month later I asked her again. She said he tried to kiss her once. Then I remembered I come home early from work sometimes and he’d be at my home. They said he was waiting for me. Neither she nor ‘my friend’ knew I would come home early. I recently came out and asked her if she had an affair and she got upset but did not deny it. Weeks later I again asked her and then she denied it. I stay with her because she was my first real love. I have always loved her.”

Although you have not said it, I will assume your son has brought you both much joy.