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February 8, 2011

Day 4 of 5: Insight is wasted if it is not followed by action…

by Rod Smith

Blaming others or blaming anything (the economy, your cadre of angry teachers, Apartheid, the order of your birth, your dad’s gambling, your mother’s alcoholism, your adoption) for your circumstances might be justified. The litany of why you are the way you are might be convincing and feel good (or painful) to visit – but it is, nonetheless, wasted energy if you want grow into a more mature person.

If your preference is to remain stuck, stunted, or angry, or if you get some kick out of being a victim, then blaming others is useful and blaming will serve your needs and little will change except that you will find more and more woes to add to your sad song.

Action / Challenge: If you want to grow as a person begin to take full responsibility for your life. Face life head on with statements like, “I only get one shot at life. I may have been poorly treated (insert details of your particular difficult circumstances) but I am not going to allow what ruined my past (my childhood, my marriage) to ruin my future.”

Realigning your inner-culture will bring significant shifts to your day-to-day experiences. It will change how you see yourself and how you are regarded by others. It will shift your life more than you may currently think is possible.

Victims are like sitting ducks; often appearing to attract victimizers. While I am certainly not wishing to blame victims for their circumstances, there is much to be gained from a shift in thinking and the manner in which an orbital shift can help a person escape the culture of blame and finger-pointing.