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February 10, 2011

Day 5 of 5: Your family is your crucible for growth….

by Rod Smith

You don't have to agree, but you'll grow from listening

Insight # 5: Your closest relationships are your most accurate barometer of your emotional, spiritual, and psychological health. It is your spouse, children, siblings, your parents, and in-laws, (the persons who are able to push your buttons, get under your skin) who provide you with the greatest opportunity for growth. It is irrelevant if the cashier at the grocery store thinks you are Mr. Sunshine, if at the same time you are Mr. Doom and Gloom with your immediate or extended family. It is the difficult, committed relationships, the persons in your family of origin, those with whom you have “invisible loyalties” who uniquely provide you with a crucible for growth and strength.

Action / Challenge: Determine to remain “connected” in the face of tension and conflict. Face without fleeing. Listen, even if you don’t agree, rather than explain or justify. Attempt to see the world through the eyes of those with whom you have tension. Humbly ask to be enlightened. Request guidance about what you can do more, less, differently. Inquire about what you can modify to facilitate deeper, more meaningful relationships than you are currently enjoying. Become a learner. Allow those whom you love and those with whom you have familial connection to be your teachers.