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February 13, 2011

Does a woman reveal her past or not? Please help…..

by Rod Smith

“When I was 18 I met man (30) through a dating site. We were both sexually inclined, myself more so because I was exploring. He told me that he had ‘marital discord’ and was separated from his wife. He also had a daughter whom he loved. We got emotionally involved and decided to meet. We met for two days and were intimate. He left saying he would be by my side but wouldn’t marry me. I decided I would never marry anyone if it were not he. We’d used to talk on the phone. After a couple of months his wife and daughter came back. He asked me to be careful when I phoned him. I became more and more insecure. He never understood it. He always called ours a ‘platonic relationship’ and my behavior immature and stopped taking my phone calls altogether. Now I’m 29 and married to a wonderful person but my past haunts me. I’ve started doubting my husband when I know he never hides anything. He doesn’t know anything about my past and I cannot tell him. I love my husband very much but my past is not letting me keep him happy. What do I do?”

Does she reveal her past or not? Readers please help.