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February 21, 2011

I cheated but my husband still loves me…..

by Rod Smith

“I decided to cheat on my husband. I won’t give excuses. I had always been a very strong woman. I always thought that any woman who left her marriage and split up her family didn’t deserve respect. Well, it happened to me. I met a man fourteen years younger than me. He was shy, sensitive, and handsome. We started text messaging one another late at night and then we eventually started seeing each other. I became obsessed with him. I moved out of my home and split my five children with my husband. This was the beginning of the end. The relationship with this other man lasted on and off for five years. I became a very angry woman. Anyway, during all of this insanity my relationship with my children was almost completely severed and they all began living with their father. Through this my husband maintained love for me and he’s been my friend. I know I love my husband still but I’m not in love with him. How do I re-establish an ‘in love’ feeling with my husband.” (Edited)

Being “in love” and becoming obsessed with someone are poles apart. Perhaps you can live without the “in love” feeling in return for the stability and sanity your saintly spouse offers.