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February 16, 2011

Nine challenges to accomplish before you go to bed tonight…..

by Rod Smith

Some things you have to do alone.....

1. Forgive everyone everything.
2. Write a letter of thanks and affirmation to your spouse and children and send the letters by traditional mail.
3. Give away a few books you have loved to a few people who you love.
4. Call an employee aside, or approach your boss, and express gratitude about something in the organization.
5. Phone a former teacher.
6. Drop in on an elderly friend and sit and chat for a long while.
7. Leave a significant tip for someone who makes your life work a little more efficiently.
8. Drop in on your children at school simply to tell them you love them.
9. Write an affirming note to someone who is now on the periphery of your life but who used to be in your inner-circle.