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December 21, 2010

This is the suicide season…..

by Rod Smith

Attraction is only enduringly possible.....

I hope you choose life.....

Suicides spike at Christmas and New Year. Untimely death is regarded as a chosen alternative to getting help with financial, addiction, relational, or chemical issues a person might experience.

If this is you, here are some thoughts to consider. I hope you will consider less dramatic, final alternatives.

Suicide is self-destruction. While family members will naturally ask what they could have done to prevent you from taking such action, your death will remain your responsibility. I’d suggest you seek the medical help even if it appears that no one cares if you live or die. At this point it is more important that you care.

Suicide is an ultimate act of prayer and freedom. While no one will be able to stop you in the event that a premature death is what you really want, there are more productive ways to engage the divine and make a statement to your survivors. There are ways to address and almost solve any problem anyone faces.

While your family and friends will reflect, mourn, and grieve over your loss they will ultimately conclude (it might take years) that you exercised your unique, terrible, human power. They will come to understand that no one can cause you to kill yourself or make you do it.

Given your freedom to choose death, I must believe there exists within you the ability to choose life – and I hope you do.