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December 9, 2010

Remaining human in a world that wants to knock it out of you…..

by Rod Smith

Attraction is only enduringly possible.....

"Love you enemies" (Jesus)

Remaining human, humane (able to be compassionate, to feel, think, plan, embrace your own pain and the pain of others) is a constant challenge in an environment that repeatedly attempts to dehumanize, objectify, and knock the humanity out of you.

Every murder, death of a child, every act of violence anywhere, ought to immobilize humanity, bring the world to its knees, ought to stop everything as we shudder at the ramifications of what we can do to each other. Every act of betrayal, act of gossip, act of physical and spiritual aggression ought to horrify us. But of course, through bitter, repeated experience, we become inured to all but the most immediate horror – that which impacts us very directly.

Yet, we are affected. We are all lessened by the moral chaos, terror, the violence, put-downs, rejections, rumors, gossip, thievery, and the evil that is rampant everywhere.

Yet the challenges of the Saints remain: do not return evil for evil; be generous in a world that is often not; be hospitable; do good to those who are not good. Love your enemies. No, not tolerate your enemies, love your enemies.

Trying to embody these humane values keeps us “foolish” and human.

Oh, what a joy results when our humanity prevails and rises above the conniving, the betrayal, the physical, emotional, and spiritual violence, the hardness, in our surroundings – each of which might just as easily consume us, render us inhumane.