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December 20, 2010

Parents and teenagers….

by Rod Smith

The following points are generally true. Of course there are circumstances where they are not:

1. Your parents know more than you know about important matters. I concede that you probably know infinitely more than your parents do about computers, the Internet, and cellular phones; but they do know more about life than you do. Regarding your parents as foolish will not be very good for you even if it offers the illusion of being sophisticated.
2. Your parents want the very best for you even if you do not agree with them about what is best for you. Loving parents want you to go beyond their life’s achievements and so place pressure on you to study and do well in school and to be wise about your relationships.
3. Your parents will tend to look at long-term ramifications of almost everything. You probably focus on the here and now.
4. Your parents want you to have a wonderful future more than you have the capacity to even imagine. This weekend is not considered “the future.”
5. Your parent’s instincts about people are probably wiser than yours. Trust them.
6. Your parents probably want very little from you. Taking time to discover what it is they want will do you much good.