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December 22, 2010

Regard your enemies as a gift from God…

by Rod Smith

1. Send an enemy (a boss you didn’t like, a crabby neighbor, the self-righteous prig who works along the hallway) a greeting card.
2. Express forgiveness before it is requested and even if it is not deserved or requested – remember forgiveness is about you, not the person who has hurt or offended you.
3. Approach people whom you’d prefer to avoid – avoiding people gives them power over your life that you probably do not want to give. Why would you allow anyone to dictate your path or your actions?
4. Dance, don’t walk, on eggshells; address the topics that need to be addressed rather than “walk” lightly around them.
5. Clearly use your voice to declare who you are and what you want. If you are silent others will put words into your mouth and meaning into your actions that are far removed from representing you.
6. Boldness does not necessitate brashness or arrogance. Standing up for yourself is a wise. If you don’t, it is unlikely anyone will.
7. Be kind when you meet unkindness, do not return evil for evil, and you will become unusually attractive, even to your enemies.