Creating a “no-regret Monday”…..

by Rod Smith

Don’t let your age get in your way….

Janey Cutler (80), a retired cleaning lady from Scotland, showed the world that her age doesn’t get in her way. She belted out “No Regrets” on “Britain’s Got Talent” and became an instant celebrity. If you’ve not seen her moving performance it is readily available on the Internet.

Having taken a few minutes to watch Janey, I challenge you, no matter what your age, to complete these five simple joyful tasks to facilitate your “No-Regret-Monday.”

1. Phone a friend or relative and draw his or her attention to some act of kindness he or she did that benefitted you.
2. Mail a cheque to a cause dear to your heart.
3. Call a meeting of your immediate family and tell them you love them.
4. Call and thank a coach, teacher, or mentor who helped you through a difficult period in your life.
5. Deliver a simple and anonymous gift to a neighbor.

Let me know how it goes.

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