Are you wasting your power to want?

by Rod Smith

Don't waste your valuable power

Don’t waste you power to want by wanting someone to lose weight, or gain weight, or to eat a more healthy diet. Being the “diet police” will not only be ineffective but it will exhaust you.

Don’t waste you power to want by wanting anyone to love your children as much as you do. If it happens, that will be your joy. Remember, you are gifted with love for your children. It will be misunderstood and even regarded as irrational by others.

Don’t waste you power to want by wanting someone to love you exactly as you’d like to be loved. Such love would quickly lose its appeal and it will offer you no challenge.

Don’t waste you power to want by wanting fame or great wealth. In 30 years of travel and speaking, and of meeting men and women all over the world, I have met thousands who are vastly wealthier than I am, but have encountered few, yes, a handful, who I’d suggest were more fulfilled. Find fulfillment inside you. It’s not in money or fame. If it were, movie stars would be the happiest people on Earth.

Want wisely.....

Rather, spend your power to want on matters somewhat in your control – like honing and honoring your talents, doing what you really love to do, and spreading goodwill and kindness wherever you are. It’s in you to commit acts of scandalous generosity, not simply by giving financial and other gifts, but by offering gifts that mirror your capacity to give.

Find and disperse the happiness already within you, and it will increase beyond your wildest dreams. Such living will add volume upon volume of greater meaning and significance to your already significant, meaningful life.

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