She stops her medication…….

by Rod Smith

“My wife (second marriage for us both) left me a few weeks ago after 10 years. She is bi-polar and stops taking her medication. When I told her that her son was using drugs and she was furious with me. I always supported her when he got caught for stealing, fraud, using drugs, and when he was in rehab. He’s back on drugs, having stolen us blind during the past year. This was common. I have not

Get off HER roller-coaster

laid charges against him because I just couldn’t do that to my wife. During the 10 years I saw very little of my children because she didn’t like them. In December she said she ‘never wanted to see’ her son again after a severe incident with drugs and theft. What am I to do? I am still madly in love with her, but she said I killed her love for me. I just can’t take her children’s interference.” (Letter heavily edited)

There are no simple solutions. She is bi-polar and you are riding her roller-coaster. Get off it and into the drivers seat of your life no matter how tough my challenge seems to be. You have NO POWER over her but MUST assume your legitimate power over yourself. Reconnect with your children if they will allow it.


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