Questions healthy people discuss when new, significant relationships form…

by Rod Smith

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Take Up Your Life

1. Are we spiritually, financially, psychologically, and emotionally, sufficiently suited to each other?
2. Do our long-held, individual, long-term, personal goals and personal dreams somewhat fit with each other?
3. What do we each imagine is possible for us to achieve (service to the poor, overseas travel, learning foreign languages, learning new skills) within this relationship and potential marriage?
4. How do we each perceive our individual and mutual responsibilities to our parents and extended families if we marry?
5. Which of us is better with money? If we marry, how will we organize our money? Will we keep everything separate or will we pool all our resources? How will we decide what we buy, how we buy, and when we buy expensive, but necessary items needed by a new family? Which professional will we choose to help us with the wise use of our resources? [Do not enter a relationship with someone who is in excessive debt.]
6. What does each of us think about religious observance? How will we decide on where and how we will worship?
7. What help do you need from me in order that you may achieve all you have ever wanted to achieve with your life?

4 Comments to “Questions healthy people discuss when new, significant relationships form…”

  1. By the time you get all your prerequisites in order you will both be dead! You are obviosly middle class Americans who think life lasts forever. If you are lucky enough to find Love …go for it! “La vida es corta, el muerte es larga!” Life is short,death is long!

  2. This is a great list, but no two people are going to be “perfect” in every category. If one person is leaving a marriage and has debt, it might be best to wait until much of it is cleared up before getting married. A lot of communication and compassion can go a long way!

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