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September 1, 2007

He is moody and jealous but my family love him…..

by Rod Smith

“My boyfriend annoys me. He is jealous and petty and he is moody. But my family loves him and so I stay with him. I did not realize this until I took a long hard look at what was keeping me with him. Now he is talking marriage and I am thinking things will get better. It didn’t start this way. He was more outdoor-ish, more adventurous and not at all jealous when we first started going out. Then things started to run down hill when the relationship got serious. I suppose he couldn’t pretend forever and now I am seeing the real person he is. Please help.”

Considering your family so loves him, perhaps there is another member of the family who’d like to pick up the relationship I hope you will soon terminate.

I’d suggest you do not continue to date someone because your family loves him or in the hopes things will improve once you marry.

Announce the end of the relationship directly to your moody man and then inform your family about what you have done.

Be sure you know what you want before you implement your plan. Families have an odd way of getting what families want, and I hope in your family’s case, it is not at your expense.