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September 12, 2007

You will know it is a healthy beginning to a long-term relationship if…

by Rod Smith
  1. The friendship has a slow beginning (“too much, too soon” is seldom a positive sign)
  2. He/she has a full and interesting life BEFORE he/she met you (“you gave my life meaning” is hardly a compliment)
  3. He/she is capable of healthy dialogue with his/her parents (unresolved parental conflict is very likely to surface in subsequent intimate relationships)
  4. He/she doesn’t lie for the sake of convenience (even “tell him I am not here” is unacceptable to a healthy person)
  5. He/she maintains some of his/her childhood friendships
  6. He/she gives time, talents and treasure to a cause in which he/she believes and to
    the voluntary service of others
  7. He/she enjoys a passion for something unusual or unique
  8. He/she is quick to offer and request forgiveness when misunderstandings occur
  9. He/she is self-aware (not self-absorbed) and pays careful attention to the manner in which his/her life impacts others


With a little modification I’d suggest those who employ others might use the list as a guide to assess the emotional stability of prospective employees.