Should I let the school or the parents know?

by Rod Smith

My son (8) came home from school very upset about children who had turned him away from a game they were playing on the school field. He tried to join in and as far as I can tell, the older boys (10 year olds) who happen to live near (our family) sent him away. Should I make the school or their families aware of this and what do you think I should tell my son?

You will be a very busy mother if you involve yourself in everyday childhood skirmishes. Besides, what would you tell the school about the nature of children that the school doesn’t already know? Unfortunately, your son is experiencing every-day life for people of all ages.

The boy, after you have offered him appropriate comfort, has the potential under your guidance, to begin to learn valuable lessons on how life, society, and friendships work.

Rather than blame the school (or the older children) for anything, consider inviting your son to think about how he will behave when the circumstances provide him an opportunity to choose to be hospitable to others even if they are younger (older, fatter, thinner, stronger, weaker) than he is. Teach, comfort and challenge your son, rather than contact the parents of the other children or the school.

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