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February 6, 2006

Watching your son play sport…

by Rod Smith

If your son plays sport at school, be sure to go to his games, but don’t embarrass him while you are there. Watch him. Applaud him, applaud his team; applaud even his opposition. But don’t try to play the game for, or through, your child.

Don’t attempt to coach or instruct the players.

Stand back and stand still.

Unless you are offering appropriate encouragement to your son and his teammates, be very quiet. Don’t scream at your child, at other players, or scold officials. Keep your voice down.

Remember it is his turn on the field, not yours.

If you are one to consume alcohol, avoid drinking before, and while watching your child play sport. An excess of alcohol makes idiots out of the best of people, and you might want to save your child the embarrassment of your public intoxication. It is never encouraging for a child to see his parent drunk, and it is tough to keep your eye on the ball when your parent is out of control on the edge of the field.

It means a lot to a boy to see a parent watching him from the sidelines. Make it a memorable experience for him, and not the kind that will make him forever cringe whenever he thinks about it.