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February 14, 2006

My parents are critical of my husband…..

by Rod Smith

Reader: “My parents are very critical of the way my husband treats our children. I hear it (from them) all the time but they never say anything to him face to face. My husband is a strong and good father who doesn’t let our two children get away with laziness or without playing their part in the family. He is a really involved dad and we are very happily married. My mother tells me she thinks he is too strict and that the children will resent him when they are older. I don’t think this will be true. Please help.”

It is unlikely your children will resent their father if he is as you say he is. Tell your parents you will no longer participate in conversations about absent family members. Talking negatively (sometimes even “positively”) about someone who is not present (and therefore able to participate in the conversation) has a name: it is called gossip. Your account of your husband portrays a wonderful man, husband and father. Suggest to your parents that your husband be present for any conversations where his name is mentioned.

February 14, 2006

A friend gave me an invaluable gift….

by Rod Smith


An oil painting (right) of my youngest son and me…………..

Here I was closing my classroom for the day and getting ready to gather my children and walk home — and a mother of a lower school boy, Audrey Krause, comes up to me and places this beautiful painting in my hands.

Nathanael — almost 4 years old — so safe; his head on my shoulder.

I am a truly blessed man.