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February 4, 2006

Toxic relationships

by Rod Smith

Toxic (poisoned) relationships are, at best, tiring. Apart from requiring mounds of energy, they can be filled with threats, silence, manipulation, domination and intimidation. Toxic couples often attempt to drown their pain in drinking, drugs and lustful or vengeful sexual activity. Toxicity is apparent when “old” arguments frequently resurface, feelings of loyalty and disloyalty rage within you, anger seems to come from nowhere, and you have a very short fuse about everything. Life feels like a giant game of chess that’s impossible to win.

Toxic relationships often begin with intensely sexual experiences. A new person seemingly offers you everything you ever wanted, and so you quickly and completely invest yourself. After a short while you begin to feel as if you have been handed a script where the entrances and exits are seldom within your power. You have become an unwilling actor in someone else’s play.

Remember there are always more options available for your life than it might appear.

Problems play hide-and-seek before they become full-blown and begin to make life unmanageable. Poison doesn’t usually happen overnight. It is helpful to identify some of these issues before they become a debilitating.