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February 15, 2006

All problems can become oportunities if we refuse to be victims…

by Rod Smith

“My daughter’s move several years ago from South Africa to Australia, although very difficult at the time, has done wonders for our family. I have had three visits to her. Her brothers and their families have been to see her, and the cousins are connected through photographs and memories and phone calls. As I was leaving for the airport for my most recent trip, my granddaughter (4), coached me about the plane, what to look for and what to do in when I got to Australia. I have seen that my family, although spread all over the world, have become citizens of the world. All the pain of the separation is worth it when we meet and do get to spend time together. Although many families are separated by oceans and by many miles and regret the distances and the moves, I decided to see it as an opportunity rather than a problem.” (A grandmother reflects in a conversation)

Encapsulated in the observations of this grandmother is the essence of moving beyond thinking and feeling like a victim. This woman has grasped the fact that, given time, reflection and courage, all mishaps, all problems, all family issues, can evolve into possibilities, into blessing and to the opening of doors.