Questions to stimulate healthy thinking…

by Rod Smith

Questions are frequently more important than answers. Here are some questions to consider at the beginning of the week in the hope that they will inspire you to make courageous choices toward living fuller, more meaningful lives than you are already living:

What do you really want?
Are your daily activities and relationships aligned with what you really want?
Are you free (within the inherent “restrictions” of all your choices)?
Are you free within the choices others have made on your behalf?
Are your relationships as healthy as possible?
Are you experiencing the significance (impact, influence, community) that is particularly yours?
Are you regularly using all your skills?
Are you living the kind of life that is regularly exploiting all your talents and potential?
What are the desires of your heart?
Would you recognize the desires of your heart if they were given to you?
What specific steps are you taking to move nearer to your long-held dreams and goals?

One Comment to “Questions to stimulate healthy thinking…”

  1. My favorite movie is Braveheart. In it William Wallce says… “All men will surely die, not every man really lives.” Thanks for giving me something to think about on the plane today.

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