I am “talking” to a man in the Internet and my husband doesn’t know…

by Rod Smith

My husband doesn’t know I am talking to a man on the Internet. We have never met face-to-face but he lives about 100K away and so it is not impossible for us to meet. He wants to phone me but I am hesitant to give him my cell phone number because my husband also uses my phone sometimes. This person “listens” and I can “talk” about anything. I want to meet him. He knows I am married. What should I do? (Letter radically condensed)

The Internet offers an illusion of intimacy. You are being suckered in, conned, and trapped. Do not fool yourself into believing he is “listening” or “loving” you. This anonymous no-good is aiding you to be sidetracked from your marriage and offers nothing worth having.

I?d suggest you cut off all contact with this prowler immediately without explanation. Perhaps he is in the distribution area of this newspaper and might read this column and get the message about your wise decision to move on from this stupidity. Loving, caring men do not operate in the manner you have described.

Focus on your marriage. It is the arena you already have in which to establish something authentic and enduring than will ever become of the deception and duplicity you have recently chosen.

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