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June 19, 2011

Take my test, get my feedback……

by Rod Smith

I will assess your committed relationship and give it a grade: A+ through to a B-.

A “C” is for cut and run if it is at all possible.

You will receive a GRADE, my written response (NOTHING AUTOMATED), a list of challenges, and a list of suggestions (again, nothing automated).

All you need:

(1) To be is in a committed relationship that is in some turmoil

(2) Have an hour to spend WRITING about it in response to a set of questions I will send you

(3) Be willing to receive a GRADE with an assessment of strengths / weaknesses.

BE WARNED — the questions lead to much soul searching. You may be anonymous (of course) but you must be willing to write quite a lot in order to get the best out of the experience. I will not use anything you write in any column.

Privacy insured. Send me a message and we’ll take it from there.

There is a cost of $29.95 (USD) for this service. You will have my complete and undivided attention for 1 hour as I read and respond to all you have written. You will be billed via PAYPLAY via your email address.

I am you offering my opinion regarding the sustainability of your primary and committed relationship based on the information you send to me.

I’d suggest you consult with a face-to-face professional before you take any radical action based on the advice or guidance I give you in response to your submission.

I look forward to hearing from you.

June 19, 2011

Pushing a book…….

by Rod Smith

image Marriage and Divorce, A Survivor’s Guide by Durban’s own Spike Farrell, is the only book I have ever come across that makes essential reading for both happily married couples and those in the throws of a divorce.

Its 73 short chapters (yes 73!) cover every imaginable topic, some of which, if followed word for word, will spice up and encourage a teetering marriage. Other chapters will help in the uncovering an affair while yet others will assist couples find a meaningful life post divorce when divorce has been unavoidable.

Spike is overwhelmingly for marriage. He wants every marriage to survive. Yet he recognizes that sometimes divorce is inevitable. His book is geared to helping couples on every point of the continuum from blissful happiness to those seeking necessary dissolution.

Spike is unpretentious, he’s quick witted, and he’s thoroughly practical – and I hope his book is a great success.

Contact Spike directly at: