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June 6, 2011

I married outside my faith and therefore parties are difficult for me…..

by Rod Smith

“Every time I have to arrange a party for a family member I go into such dilemma about whether to have it or not. The fact that people might not attend and the basic mix of cultures further overwhelms me and depresses me and I no longer want to do it. I have married out of my faith to a Christian man who is a wonderful and dear person. My family is not totally thrilled with this and therefore my indecision! I once invited them to my son’s party and one responded saying that I put her in a predicament as she could not come. This hurt me and I shut them out for a while. This time it’s my birthday and I am afraid of rejection again.”

You are faced with a wonderful growth opportunity every time you celebrate an event. If you were strong enough to differentiate from your family by marrying outside of your faith then I’d suggest you are strong enough to plan and enjoy any party.

The invitation does not put anyone into any predicament. When issuing any invitation, always emphasize the freedom to decline so the less mature members of your family can stay home to revisit their unfinished business.