Day 1 of 5: Insights and challenges

by Rod Smith

Attraction is only enduringly poss

This is #1 of 5

Insight into your life and relationships is a prerequisite to growth or desired change.

Many people are very insightful yet appear to short-change themselves by refusing to act upon it.

Insight alone can be pleasurable (as if “understanding myself” is enough) or painful (if it leads to feelings of pessimism) but insight without appropriate action is useless if change or growth is desired.

This week I will offer you five core insights (from family systems theory) and challenge you (and challenge myself) to action based upon the insight.

Here’s the first:

When anxiety runs high, persons tend is to fight (become combative), flee (escape, or change the topic), or freeze (become immobile or useless). When faced with increased levels of anxiety, a primal protection mechanism engages and we can become inhumane (reactive, aggressive, diseased).

Thinking takes time.... reacting doesn't

Action / Challenge: Stand up to the primitive urge to fight, flee, or freeze, by deliberately engaging your “human” brain (your thinking, creative, brain) as opposed to obeying your reptilian brain (the reactive, non-thinking part of your brain) or by having a pity-party (allowing your emotions to over-rule).

Identify what’s occurring. Speak about it. Establish necessary distance. Get perspective before you react to the anxious internal or external environment and inflict unnecessary relational damage.

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