She makes my heart sing – but she’s not my wife….

by Rod Smith

“I am married to this wonderful wife for three years we have a daughter. Two months ago I met a beautiful woman and it took a week for us to establish a relationship. The problem is I have fallen in love with her. My wife found out about this. I can’t get her out of my mind. She is what I need. We were recently hi-jacked together and shot with bullets by thugs and we survived together. She makes me happy. My heart skips when I think about her. My wife has been a friend for more than ten years. I respect her but my new love makes my heart sing. I am afraid of the shame of divorcing. I don’t want my children raised by a stepfather. My wife is 7 months pregnant this makes it worse. It’s my happiness or my family’s happiness.” (Edited)

This is dangerous - don't do it!

You might have survived a hi-jack and bullets (together) but it is your marriage that’s being hi-jacked. You are an adult, not an irresponsible teenager. She-who-makes-your-heart-sing should run a mile that you’d even contemplate leaving a pregnant wife and a child for her. Don’t do it. Instead, use this momentary diversion as an opportunity to grow up as both a man and husband.

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