This is a love marriage but he doesn’t want to see my parents….

by Rod Smith

“I’m in a love marriage (as opposed to arranged). When we were in love we used to talk about my parents. After our marriage he is treating my parents like slaves or enemies. Since it’s a love marriage I am not able to console my parents. He says my parents are playing a game with me, using me as a source for everything. This is not so. Now I hate my love. He takes care of me like a queen. He gets everything for my parents but he doesn’t want to see them. I don’t want any belongings from him for my parents. I want only his love for them or at least a relationship between them.” (Edited)

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Speak up.....

You have three challenges:

(a) Love your parents AND your husband.
(b) Resist trying to get him to relate to your parents.
(c) Do not let him dictate your relationship with your parents any more than you try to dictate his relationship with your parents.

The sooner you find your voice (as opposed to obeying his) the more you will all be able to love and respect each other.

Defying him (to love your parents) will ultimately enhance, not ruin your marriage, even if at first, it seems to shake every foundation.

One Comment to “This is a love marriage but he doesn’t want to see my parents….”

  1. This kind of scenario can be more difficult for certain cultures, so your advice wiould probably pose an enormous challenge. But the application of this wisdom will definitely bring positive consequences.
    I hope the lady will be courageous enough to walk through the initial painful storms and come out the other end, reaping the benefits of a more sound and loving marriage. I often say “a short term of pain is worth a lifetime of freedom” ; may this be so for her.

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