Sometimes my boys are like the Church

by Rod Smith

My boys, now 12 and 8, seem to tangle with each other about everything – non-stop. It’s over who sits where in the car, and who gets the remote while watching a movie and much else. The tension, the competitive spirit sometimes sours our potentially exciting times together.

On a hike through a forest I have known them fight over a single stick. On a mile-long and deserted beach I have seen them fight over wanting to dig precisely the same hole. While riding bicycles in a very large, vacant parking lot they have repeatedly crashed into each other.

You have guessed it! Of course – and this has not happened in the recent past – they both need the same toilet at precisely the same time when, for hours before, there was no mention of any need for either to use a toilet!

So, sometimes out of sheer exhaustion, I announce the boys need some “alone time” or some “space.” I suggest each goes to his room for an hour or two. It is then that I am met with looks of complete disbelief and pleas to reverse my declaration! Why? What have we done? We’re having so much fun.

Apart from the part about fun, my boys behavior frequently mirror what I’ve seen in the Body of Christ: those are OUR people, that’s MY ministry, WE started that, what are YOU doing here. Warring ministries seldom involve too much fun – at least my kids still get a kick out of each other.

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