I’d have found Pythagoras easier to explain

by Rod Smith

Nathanael Steven Smith

In the manner only very little boys and girls appear to be able, seven-year-old Alex asked me (in the cafeteria line) why Nathanael doesn’t have a mommy.

Second grade boys don’t expect men to cry and so I don’t think the child saw the tear I could feel forming.

In that moment I’d have found Pythagoras easier to explain.

It was not that Nathanael does not have a mother that provoked my emotions. I am quite used to that.

It was something anguished in the boy’s tone that did it. It was a contorting of his face, a look of total puzzlement which suggested that not having a mother was indeed a thought too frightful and painful for Alex to even begin to contemplate.

One Comment to “I’d have found Pythagoras easier to explain”

  1. I bet you’ll get lots of emails about this. All kinds, from provoking to comforting.

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