Emotional process….

by Rod Smith

Have you ever wondered why a gathering if supportive mothers, or the church committee you are on, or your annual family gathering can become so intense and complicated – and become a minefield of human conflict and emotion?

Every person is a unique, deep well of thought, feelings, conflicts, memories, ambitions, and motives. Many well-meaning persons, like the people on that team with you, have hidden scores to settle (sometimes even hidden from themselves).

When people get together, bringing equally unique, deep and complex issues together, things can begin to be intense. This is especially true when people “unite” for a cause.

It is these very complications, these undercurrents that can offer insight into the emotional processes of any group or community for the person looking to be helpful.

Developing an eye (an ear, a feel) for emotional process among people, and allowing what you see to help you grow and behave in an adult manner will help you negotiate the best possible outcome for everyone, especially when things become messy.

Listen for what is unsaid in groups, look for the push and the pull, listen to the “meetings before the meeting,” to identify something of the group’s emotional process.

Listening, watching, will help you garner useful keys to helping groups and individuals make wiser and more helpful choices than simply (only) reacting to the reactivity within self and others.

One Comment to “Emotional process….”

  1. Thanks Rod, more on this subject please!

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