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November 18, 2010

GSAED – Give Something Away Every Day – 30-day challenge

by Rod Smith

It is counter-intuitive, I know......

Let's do it - join me in this venture

I challenge you to Give Something Away Every Day for the next 30 days and record your act daily. After mid-December (30 days away) we’ll assess what’s next.

Keep a record as an act of self-discipline, not of pride or self-righteousness. Your daily log will alert you to further possible acts of generosity and kindness.

Examples? Give up your seat on a bus. Buy a street person lunch. Give a friend a possession you know he or she admires. Extravagance on your part is unnecessary, but let your acts reflect your means. The recipient must know about the gift but not necessarily that it comes from you. The recipient must know there are no strings attached.

Let me know you are “in” by joining the GSAED group on Facebook or drop me an email. Record your daily actions (if you so choose) on the same Facebook page. Your activity will be an inspiration to others. If you don’t want or have Facebook, send me an email about your daily giving.

Help me spread generosity around the world. We have the resources. Let’s get started and Give Something Away Every Day.