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November 7, 2010

The power of friendship

by Rod Smith

Friends give you room to be right, wrong, late, or to be early. They allow you the “space” to be forgetful, sad, happy, angry, frustrated, when such space is necessary. In return you are careful with the liberty authentic friendships afford you. You don’t presume upon it. You remain respectful and you do not regard your friendships with a sense of entitlement.

Friends listen. They listen not only to the words you say but also for your soul to speak. They wait for your soul to trust, emerge, share, knowing it might take decades for it to say anything at all. They listen in order to love, not in order to advise, modify, or to assess, judge or condemn – but in order to love. They want to understand, hear, see, value and appreciate. In return you have become a skilled listener.

Friends live fully. While being committed to listening to you, while committed to waiting for your soul to speak, while being invested in building community with you and sharing life with you, they are first and foremost committed to finding and developing their own skills, developing their own dreams, and living their own ambitions. Friends know that among the greatest acts of friendship is the act of living one’s own life completely.