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November 3, 2010

Surviving cancer and a son’s move…..

by Rod Smith

I get many letters about missing family members who have moved overseas. Here’s an extract from one that I found deeply encouraging:

“I was diagnosed last month with breast cancer and have been through seven weeks of sheer hell with surgery and drug treatments. Luckily for me it was arrested by the surgery and I effectively have a cure. However, I could never have gone through this ordeal without the deep love and support of my husband from whom I previously believed I had grown apart. He cried with me, drove me around to doctors’ appointments, kept the housekeeping going when I felt rotten. In short I have rediscovered the man I married all those years ago. This diagnosis has brought us closer together than ever before and I now don’t ‘sweat the small stuff’. In fact I wake up every morning grateful to be alive and on the road to a full recovery. I have found pleasure in the little things in life and have come to accept my son and grandkids living overseas. Tell anyone in our position to hang in there it certainly does get better!”