Let cruelty end, and let it end first with me….

by Rod Smith

“It blows me away to see those who have strayed and used the ‘bad marriage’ moniker to rationalize their actions of divorce. What kind of moral callousness flows through another human being’s blood to actually want to put someone else through such tortuous pain? Granted, there are those marriages that deserve to go, those involving physical abuse and other demeaning actions that dehumanize the spouse, but for those who simply drifted apart and decided to leave for the guy/girl down the street without trying to get something back…I have no respect for you. Yours was a marriage meant to survive…you just gave up, demonized/devalued your spouse to the point where you could justify your actions, and put him/her through a living hell. It probably felt right at the time, but faith, understanding, and a little counseling could have saved a marriage.” (Edited)

It is counter-intuitive, I know......

Let it end with me...

Of course, reader, you are correct. Our first line of action is to salvage, to repair, and to find reconciliation. As your letter points out, sometimes this is not possible.

Like you, I am taken aback at the couples who now cannot tolerate breathing the same air as someone to whom they once swore undying love. Let all cruelty end – and let it end with me.

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